Collection: Spring Summer


Our Spring Summer Collection is inspired by Savanna Safari.
This collection is an illustartion of a hot summer lazy day in Savanna Safari.

A hippo cracking skateboard on lake chad, a line of ants walking during sunset under acasia tree, leap of leopard are lying on and under acasia tree, leap of leopard walking in Savana, safari big five portyard, a flamingo safari guide walking in safari boot, a zebra safari guide is on drive, up high in sky a hawk safari guide is flying.

With this baby clothing and kids clothing collection we want to bring the Africa Savanna and give the power of imagination of the adventure in form of sustainable kids fashion.

We developed our eco-friendly summer style again as a very hippie collection. The bright and vibrant colors are used with the bright, playful and fun hand drawn prints, which bring a surprise to our organic kids clothing.