Smitten Organic FW20 Collection is combining the stripes and checks and is inspired by the fashion of the 60's.  On the links here below we try to give you an glimpse on the development process and the details of our collection. You can also view these details in a presentation through this link or read through the details here below.

  • FW20 fabrics are GOTS certified organic cotton, GRS certified recycle polyester and RDS certified duck down.
  • Fabric quality- Flanel, cotton elastane, 1X1 Rib, sweat, nylon, recycle polyester as rainwear.

  • FW20 collection is made widely with the stripes and checks.
  • Y/D (Yarn Dyed) handloom flannel
  • Printed stripes
  • Y/D (Yarn Dyed) stripes
  • Block design in down jacket and snowsuit

  • All Tee, Pullover, sweatpant, cardigans and overall with cuff are made with has extra long cuff from size 62-86
  • These cuffs can be folded or kept longer to keep baby hand and foot warm in this cold season.