Garment Making

Let us take you to a tour of the garment making process, from sketches to an actual garment. In this blog post we'll just let some of the pictures speak for themselves. We've chosen our favorite 'Reversible Playsuit' for these.

Step 1 - Sketch 

Garment sketch Smitten Organic FW18 Reversible Playsuit

Initially the concept gets a form digitally. With all the technical details and dimensions coming on digital pattern diagrams. 


Step 2 - Pattern making

Creating Patterns - Smitten Organic FW18 Reversible Playsuit

 Our pattern makers then take these designs and sketches and create paper patterns, which are in turn used for cutting the fabric (manually as well as automated).


Step 3 - Stitching

Stitching Garment - Smitten Organic FW18 - Playsuit

 The sample makers then take the cut fabric and sketches and create a fitting sample. 


Step 4 - Fitting

Fitting pictures - Smitten Organic - FW18 Reversible Playsuit

The fitting and review process resulted in multiple iterations of corrections and improvements before the final actual sample is made.


Step 5 Getting to the final product

Final Product (Sample) - Smitten Organic FW18 Reversible Playsuit

And in the end the final product as sample, ready to go out. 


To know more on the design and other details of this specific garment, please stay connected with our social media account smittenorganic@Instagram as well as smittenorganic@facebook.  If you're not following us, don't forget to connect to us. 

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