About Us

Born and raised in different parts of India, Smita Prasad graduated in fashion from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in 2001. Throughout her illustrious career spanning over two decades, she has lent her expertise to apparel organizations based in Asia and Europe. A longtime patron of sustainability in apparel, Smita wanted to launch her own label that focuses on creating a greener fashion brand by designing sustainable processes. A young working mother of 4-year-old kid, herself, Smita strives to create clothing for infants that is playful, practical as well as sustainable. Born out of love for design, the clothing aims to put a smile on the face through sheer storytelling.

Smitten Organic is based in Amsterdam, a place Smita now calls home, in the partnership with J.C. Kapur & Lotte van Dijck.


After being a successful  entrepreneur in diverse industries, J.C. Kapur is looking to give back to society. He brings in his experience and international business expertise.


Lotte Van Dijck, a Dutch illustrator, writer, and musician, leads the Creative Direction for Smitten Organic. Lotte is a young mother of a 3-year-old kid, and wanted to use her artistic talents to make children’s clothing more eye-catching. Her project “De Verderkijker”, a unique way of designing the art on the photograph in the form of a postcard, are sold worldwide.