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Last few decades we are discussing a lot about the impact of fashion industry on the planet. It is probably one of the largest polluting industries. It is also a well-known fact that every process in the product development affects the environment if not handled carefully, starting from the growing cotton till the end consumer using the garment and ultimately the landfill (UN SDG)1. That's one of the reasons the organic cotton is so important.


We care about this planet and sustainability is our core. Therefore, we have decided to use the organic cotton, which is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS is the worldwide textile processing standards for organic textiles, which ensures to the consumer that the product is made by following the social and ecological criteria, from crop till the final product.

Smitten Organic - Organic Cotton Fields

With Organic cotton the water consumption is reduced by almost 50%. The soil is not polluted with toxic chemicals. And it does not use any genetically modified seeds etc. Most important of all, organic cotton also means fair price and fair labor policy for the farmers. 

To know more about this please read our sustainability statement .

Fabric Development

Being in the textile industry for 20 years and for last one decade a big sustainability follower, I decided to dive deeper in this area. 

Smitten Organic - Cotton YarnsCotton Yarns

Though organic cotton is the starting point to ensuring sustainability, there are many other areas of fabric development we worked on. Together with fabric and processing experts we reduced the wastage of the fabric during our product development. While designing our product we tried also to optimize the fabric consumption. Moving on we also try to recycle and up-cycle the leftover fabric. Furthermore, the fabrics which we decided to use are soft and long lasting. Always ready to go to another owner, once the child has outgrown the garment.

1 UN Sustainable Development Goal 13-Cimate Change 
Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts
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