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We are slowly reaching to the launch of our first collection. We are very excited to share with you, not only the products but the entire process.
The making of the brand took more than 42 steps, same as 42 weeks of the pregnancy period where every week has a special development phase.
We hope that you can co-relate those steps by hearing how it is started, how it is being made, who has made it, who are those people behind the scene who have created this with the same love and passion as we have got.

Its like creating a baby with the same emotions, concern, love and care.

The making of a brand was started when I became a mother. Every single situation, fair or unfair, in the world was overwhelming. It has also touched me professionally. As I'd been in fashion industry for a long time, the entire emotion made the unfair situation to the people who are making clothes more visible.  They have no voice of their own. They don’t not know what is fair for them and their kids, especially the women working in the production industry. After a few years I decided to do something for them:  a voice of their own.

This brand is a small endeavor to make many beautiful products with the story – it is not only designed with love but also made with lots of love and passion. Many beautiful mothers are part of the making – as and when we go further we will let you know by introducing them.

Making of this brand is like creating a baby with same emotions, concern, love and care. And we are happy that we've been able to make something which is beautiful, playful and focuses on people and sustainability. In the coming few weeks we will be posting more blog posts to explain some of the steps in detail.


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