Trims and Accessories

Smitten Organic - Organic Baby Clothing

Trims and accessories are the elements which convert the pieces of fabric into the garments. Garment trims and accessories are crucial in realizing the desired aesthetic and functional aspects of the garments. At Smitten Organic our tags are not just branding but also promote and explain our sustainable clothing message.

Our branding material is a medium to communicate to the customers (you) about our mission and purpose.

Hand tags - Smitten Organic

By adding these labels and tags to our garment, we would like to communicate with you and keep the dialogue open about the product, its origin, who made it etc. Also information about how to use them and what to do if you do not use them etc. is added on these tags.

Smitten Organic - Certification Tag

Almost every tag and label, which is in the garment as part of the branding, has some information. We would like you to read them. And if you would like to know more or have questions, please  feel free to ask them through our contact form. We would love to answer you.


Garment tag - Smitten Organic

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